About Our Store

20 years of experience and counting
It all started with a passion that God put in my mother, which was contagious every time I saw her attend to her clients with love, care and dedication. I saw her enjoying what she was doing that I could spend hours at her side delighting in what she learned, at the time I was 13 years old. I arrived in the United States in 2007, I started a new journey, in which I spent 6 years teaching at the Beauty Academy of South Florida, I knew during those years that my second passion was teaching and the desire to start helping women to follow and achieve their goals. Today, many of them have successful nail businesses.
At the same time, I was attending my clients, but I barely have time and that is when I decided to dedicate myself in growing my business. In all those years, I experienced how much coating was on the market, I concluded that they were not the healthiest, and therefore the desired results in terms of natural nail care, were not to my greatest satisfaction.
Thanks to the Lord, over the years, the nail industry had taken another level in terms of high-quality products and tools. Today, we have flexible gels that provide benefits to the nails of our clients. The experience I was acquiring led me to work on all kinds of tools and products. Little by little, I was creating a care technique added to all the positive things I learned over the years, specifically for Latinas, since our skins and genes have a lot to do if we can use some techniques such as Russian manicure, where the type of skin , the genes and the climate allow for a better dry finish. However, for us Latinas, not all, you can do a 100% dry manicure because it can cause sensitivity and much discomfort. In my High-Level lessons, I teach how I adapted this technique to us, as well as combining the correct products and tools, achieving excellent results. My main goal is that all the equipment’s, products and tools that have worked for me in my experience as a nail art designer, they are available for you at just one click. They will surely facilitate your work by creating combinations of points as well as being part of my teaching, the quality of your work will exceed your client and yourself’ satisfaction. I share my knowledge, my work, materials and love for what I do, with all of you. My focus has always been to equip myself with the best to give the best because taking care of the hands of my clients is the main thing.
My philosophy is that the true work of art is at the base and perfect structure that you create. A superficial art, at the end is only a complement, your focus is not to hide mistakes with art but to make your creation more visible and that art alone be a detail.
I have a high track record of nail transformations and restorations that have been severely damaged which with careful service and using the correct tools, we have helped and recovered those natural nails. Many people have asked me how I do it. The answer is simple. After using the right equipment before all of that, I understood that the power to restore and create, comes from God. When you glorify Him in everything, because He does it and you depend on Him to learn how to put into practice the gift He has given you, something incredibly good happens in your life and you achieve great and indescribable things. There are two spiritual principles I learned, which I practice every day and with every single of my clients and is the extra mile and excellence in doing everything for God, and great is your reward. It is a verse from the Bible that represents my career and therefore the results (Colossians 3:23), and remember, you are not famous because you attend famous people, you are successful because you help normal people who really need it, by doing so, God blesses you.